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Land & Lake Safaris are proud to support a number of fantastic projects throughout Malawi, as well as supporting conservation efforts within South Luangwa National Park and donations of various prizes to worthy fund-raisers each year. The projects below are some of the large scale and very successful innovations we've started. 

Have a look below - All projects are able to be 'Give Back' additions to your tours through a tailor-made add-on. Or, full focus can be given to individual causes, either through large group projects or if you're just an individual that would like to help out!

Land & Lake offer it's full support and encouragement should you like to donate or develop something within the projects below. 

For Wildlife

Land & Lake, in connection with the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust offer fantastic volunteer opportunities within Malawi to get involved in. Including working with bats, carnivore research, Elephant studies and more...

The Malawi Conservation Experience!


19 FEB - 5 MAR

19 MAR - 2 APR

21 MAY - 4 JUN

10 SEP - 24 SEP


9 APR - 23 APR

9 JUL - 23 JUL

A once in a lifetime opportunity to explore Malawi and give back to the on-going conservation efforts within the country. 

Combining exciting volunteer opportunities within one of Africas top Wildlife Sanctuaries, The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre - adding an incredible insight into the on-going research in Malawi's wild Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve with Elephants and Primates and then kick your feet up after all your hard work on the shores of Lake Malawi.

Join Like-minded individuals on a date that suits you for 2 incredible weeks! 

Want to bring the family? Excellent! There's family scheduled dates too for anyone younger than 18!

Working with Wildlife