Live, Learn & Give Back

Land & Lake Safaris in conjunction with The Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, Dzalanyama & Kachere School and ascent Soccer, give you the opportunity for a number of voluntary and placement programs to suit your expertise, interests and abilities. 

Have a look below at the placement programs and volunteer opportunities to work within a variety of aspects from Wildlife, Education, Sport, Reforestation and Building.

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Working with Wildlife

Walk amongst giants - and we don't just mean the wildlife. LWT is the only NGO sanctioned by the government of Malawi to conduct Wildlife Rescues Nationwide and the LWC is the only Sanctuary in the world to hold accreditations from the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the Born Free Foundation PAW Scheme. 

Work amongst Local and International experts that are dedicated in their field and very best of practice.

Sanctuary Volunteer 
Research Volunteer
Vet Externships
Student Research Placement
Wildlife Veterinary Medicine Course

Dorm Styled accommodation in the heart of The Lilongwe Wildlife Center with an on-sight chef to cater for dietary requirements, your airport transfers are covered as well as all work-related transport, orientation and full support during your stay, a local SIM card and a T-shirt is all included in the cost of your placement.

2 Week placements to 12 months start from £1,370.00 p/p

Your funds help the sanctuary continue to run, keeping the wildlife residents alive and safe. 

Your contribution to the work and the research is invaluable to both the LWT and LWC as well as Malawi which is in the grip of a conservation revolution as the government clamp down on wildlife crime and the illegal wildlife trade.

Rehabilitation work undertaken with LWC is strictly on a "Hands-Off" Ethos - That means the wildlife that comes into the centre has a fighting chance back in the wild. 

This isn't for you if you're looking to cuddle baby animals, instead it's the nitty gritty and sometimes dirty work of things like food prep, enrichment activities, observing animal behaviour and gathering data. All projects undertaken at LWC are smaller and that means your contribution to the work being done has a much larger impact.

Some Placement Programs do not require any experience and others require university degrees like BSc, MSc, MRes or DVM and are tailored to your course requirements. 


Working in Education

The fundament building blocks to preserving our natural environment and establishing a future Malawi can sustain and build on is through education. 

Kachere School and Dzalanyama School are neighbours - one inside the Dzalanyama Forest catering to both Malawi and Mozambican students and one just on the outskirts now educating over 1,000 students from the region. 

Teaching Placements
Building Placements
Painting Volunteers
Community Outreach Placements

Accommodation is hosted by a Malawian family in the surrounding area that feed and help you where needed. Special dietary requirements can be supplemented from Land and Lake Safaris and there's the opportunity of upgrading your stay to Dzalanyama Forest Lodge. Your work related travel expenses and airport transfers are all covered as well as a weekend break back to Lilongwe for additional supply collecting, progress reports and relaxation. You'll also receive a Land & Lake shirt and hat, sim card, orientation and support during your stay.

Kachere and Dzalanyama School predominantly rely off the support of larger student groups assisting in the erecting of school, toilet and accommodation blocks as well as maintaining buildings and teaching-aids in the past. It's with Land and Lake and your help we wish to establish a regular education and assistance program.

Your money goes straight back into the community to help with resources in order maintain the school for future generations.

Your voluntary work can be tailored to combine a number of aspects, you can choose to work solely with one school or split your time with both. 

Working with the teachers, you'll be able to establish clubs, sports games, improve English lessons and develop the material available in the school to match relevant content. 

Land and Lake Safaris undertakes small scale building projects in conjunction with International sponsors and group volunteers that stay on for short periods at a time and assist. This means, your help and expertise long term are valuable to the success, development and progression of the schools future. 


Working in the forest

Land and Lake Safaris and Dzalanyama Forest are battling with an increasing demand of fuel wood resulting in a higher demand for replanting and sourcing alternative uses.

With Kachere School and Village's help we have established a bamboo plantation in order to provide surrounding communities with more sustainable options. 

Bamboo Caretaker
Forest Researcher
Nursery Caretaker

Accommodation here is inside the forest at Dzalanyama Forest Camping grounds, established tents are provided as well as food supplies from lilongwe to self cater. 

Bamboo caretakers have use of a motorbike to check on Kachere Plantation as and when needed. 

This is Land & Lake Safaris' latest initiative to try and curb the deforestation occurring in Dzalanyama Forest Reserve. The bamboo plantation is currently established but needs monitoring and the surrounding village and school need educating on caring and harvesting this as an alternative fuel wood. 

We are looking to expand this, increase more bamboo, establish an area for tourists to get involved and see the work being done. 

With the road network in Dzalanyama being seasonal, we're looking for researchers to head out into the forest, monitoring the deforestation, locating any charcoal kilns and illegal activity, checking authorized logging permits and ensuring they are not taking indigenous species, identifying damaged areas, collecting seeds and monitoring any wildlife in the area. 

With seeds collected in the forest, we're looking for volunteers to establish a sustainable nursery and replanting system, using data collected by researchers, replanting more damaged areas and establishing a method of working with authorised loggers to replant and preserve the forest.

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Working in Sport

Ascent Soccer has been providing 6 years worth of mentorship and training to young Malawi and Uganda prospective soccer players. 

Scouting across the country and identifying talented individuals for U15's, U17's and U20's, both male and female and giving them the skills and opportunity to thrive. 

Soccer Internships & Placements
Day Visits and Workshops


Ascent Soccer is expanding their group of global partners in soccer, education,

sustainability, equity and impact. Join us in leveling the playing field and delivering

real opportunities for youth in Malawi, Uganda and across East Africa.

We have just started our planning and partnership process to deliver Africa’s first purpose built

full-time residential green school and soccer academy.

This new campus will lead by example with a reduced environmental impact and costs through

sustainable architecture, local materials, green power/water/roofs, native gardens, green space,

organic athletic fields and vegan nutrition.

The campus and its fresh air, natural light, outdoor education and sustainable non-toxic materials,

will all contribute to enhanced physical health, mental health and academic outcomes . . . for the

‘greenest soccer club and academy in Africa’.