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Green is the new Black

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Join our Welly Boot Tribe!

Why so many people shy away from the 'Green' Season in Central Africa and why YOU don't want to miss it!

The Green Season in Malawi is a special time of year that not many people get to experience - And we've always been a little baffled by that!

So we're saying Green is the new Black - and that can mean what you'd like it to, it can relate to Greta Thunberg's climate change and environmental efforts in making us all aim to be eco-friendly and aware, it can mean travel with the intention of giving back to the communities living in the areas you are going to. Or it can just mean travel during the 'Rainy' season.

We say... it means all of the above!

We're introducing the Welly Boot Clan - For all those travelling between December and March we're buying an indigenous tree in your honour and planting it in some of the most heavily affected areas of deforestation in Malawi.

We want to promote and all rounder travel destination in Malawi so that local entrepreneurs that rely on tourism are not subject to short stints of income that need to last them until the following year.

And obviously - We want to show off how great Malawi is when it's bright green and thriving!

Traveling Green doesn't limit your experiences - it enhances it! If you're a regular to parts of Africa, you HAVE to witness true African Storm in the middle of the wild. The dancing of lightening across the sky, thunder mixed with the roars of lions and wildlife congregating in the road to avoid getting their hoofs and paws wet is the perfect photo op!

The Lake of Stars is almost flat and crystal clear, quiet without the mass of people enjoying the beaches and it's almost like you've got your own private getaway - It was in this case to the left, the great expanse of Dome Island in March was ours alone and just perfect for canoeing and snorkelling.

When you don't mind maybe a night or day or two on your travels where you need to open up a pocket umbrella that doesn't quite fit you underneath it - let alone your husband, or pull that bright yellow poncho your mother in law bought you once over your head then I think you've found the best time to travel.

Incase you need more encouragement - above is me visiting vic falls in January - and look at those falls and the mist! It didn't stop us micro-lighting or fabulous deals on bungee jumping and the gorge swing. (I'm not quiet brave enough for that yet) but it meant we had everything at our finger tips without pushing and shoving, without jostling for space or counting our pennies. We did everything we wanted to do at the perfect budget.

So join our Welly Boot Tribe and check out our Green Season Deals, because you won't be disappointed!

All our Love, L&L

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