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The Road Trip Playlist

Every good road trip starts with "Who's got the music?"

And it's incredible the different feelings you get before arriving at a new destination or leaving that determine the soundtrack to the open road.

I'm a fan of nearly everything!

From the legendary compositions of Hans Zimmer to the heart pounding guitar solos of AC/DC, the little shimmy you get when Sean Paul comes on as well as the guilty pleasures of Taylor Swift.

So tune in and turn it loud!


Malawi has some local radio stations that you can tune into but with the mixture of news and the combination of some English, some Chichewa and gospel music that is very popular here - It doesn't really get you into the holiday "Mood".

So I suggest you make up your playlist, bring along a USB cable to plug into the car, or better yet one of those converters that plugs into the cigarette lighter and you're good to go!

P.S if you don't have a cigarette lighter converter - They can actually be found very easily for sale at petrol stations by the chaps on the side of the road.

If you're travelling with a group of you, say your family or friends - Our group has come up with a very fair, very amicable way of approaching the road trip music... Without argument, without someone threatening to jump out the window and without sighing dramatically and throwing their headphones on.

And it's as simple as everyone gets their choice.

Just those 3/4 minute and all of a sudden, everyone is happy listening to your choice because they also have one.

What are the must haves when it comes to our group on a road trip?

It all depends on where you're going I find.

That preparation for the beach maybe, if the sun is shining, if you're heading on a safari during the rainy season or if you're heading home after your trip - You're not going to throw on some Paloma Faith when you've got a packet of crisps in your hand sunglasses on and the windows down on the way to the lake are you?

So if we're starting off right...

Firstly you're going to have to include The Beach Boys - Obviously!

Now you're traveling with your children? - If they know Flo-Rida try the "Apple Bottom Jeans" Version of the Beach Boys... It's like the best of both worlds.

And if we're with Flo Rida - Then also include "Cruise" with Georgia Line!

You're going to have to throw in some George Ezra into there - Specifically "Shotgun" because it's such a great road trip song!

I'm currently loving BORNS "Electric Love" - And that's after a friends choice on a recent road trip that it's now top of my playlist for drives in to work.

And if you're loving that then throw in some Bebe Rexha - "Meant to be"

Now these are all that little bit more laid back - If you're looking to up the anti, the excitement and the anticipation then read on!

Pump up the volume a little and throw in a bit of Harry Styles "Watermelon Sugar" or mixing in Whitesnake with "Here I go again"

Or better yet, get some Bryan Adams on with "summer of 69"

And if you're like me and likely to belt out the words - All the more better right?

Drive By - Train

Save Tonight - Eagle-Eye Cherry

She's So High - Tal Bachman

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Mr Brightside - The Killers

Summer Paradise - Simple Plan Feat. Sean Paul

Solo - Iyaz

Keep on Movin - Five

Anything by Shawn Mendes! - What a Legend.

Okay I could go on and on and on...

well... Maybe there's a few more.


You're in Africa... You're going to have to throw in some African tunes!

Now a lot of the more popular songs, even amongst the Malawians is from Nigeria. Nigerian music tends to be internationally recognised and even artists like Akon & Ed Sheeran have done collaborations with popular Nigerian artists - "Chop my Money feat. Akon" by P-Squared and "Peru feat. Ed Sheeran" by Fireboy DML

Sticking with the Nigerian artists here songs like "In my bed" by Rotimi and "Fall" by Davido are a great addition to your road trip playlist!

Some more African Tunes here I recommend:

All Over - Tiwa Savage

Remember when it rained - DJ Sbu

Particula - Major Lazer

African Beauty - Diamond Platnumz


If you like a bit of club & EDM - One of my top choices is Avicii's "Penguin Track"

And Highly recommend Mr Probz. "Waves"

And of course Robin Shulz - "Sugar" is a popular one but I also like As the "Sun Goes Down"!

And Kiesza "Hideaway"


Some of the best songs are those guilty pleasure ones. Some one-hit wonders that not many people know about or have forgotten during the reign of legendary albums.

You're on holiday indulge in all the guilty pleasures, even the music!e

Prince - "Purple rain"!

A classic and one that is always at the top of my YouTube playlist - Yes... I use youtube. I do have spotify - But if I'm not in the drivers seat, I still like to watch the music videos!

Another maybe forgotten one is "Where does the good go" by Tegan and Sara

Jason Donovan's "Too many broken Hearts" and Gabrielle "Out of Reach"

Or "Follow Me" By Uncle Kracker! - What a tune!

Whilst the rest of your travel companions may be sleeping in the backseat it's a great throwback selection for the drive home or in the mid-journey lull so add in some Tracy Chapman - Fast Car and some Callum Scott - Dancing on my own for the quieter moments!

On the topic of guilty pleasures - I'm a big Disney fan...

And if you like Disney too, you might like some more soulful versions that I've discovered by Brent Morgan!

*Kiss The Girl from the Little Mermaid is a personal favourite!

I've barely scratched the surface when it comes down to the variety and choices of music for the perfect road trip - But this will hopefully leave a few songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

The most important thing here is making sure your drive between destinations is just as good and just as memorable as the destination itself.

It's all apart of your holiday and making it fun is crucial!

So get some music, on eat way too many road snacks, take loads of pictures and don't worry about how much time you're taking from point A to point B.

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