Volunteer Opportunities

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Dzalanyama School

To ensure the community benefits directly from Land & Lakes tourism business in Dzalanyama Forest, a school project was initiated. This is a continuous rollover project that has been going on for the last 13 years and makes a real difference at grass root level to the lives of many students and teachers.

Classrooms are painted & maintained on an annual basis. A wildlife club was set up with the assistance of the Lilongwe Branch of the Wildlife Society of Malawi. With support from international school volunteers a derelict barn was transformed into a girls dormitory & the boys dorm was rehabilitated. In 2013 work started on the construction of a new boys dorm – this will be the main focus for volunteer efforts until completed.

Volunteers are charged a fee, of which 100% is spent on purchasing materials to assist them in their tasks and projects. The community support is an integral part of the programme and the school committee helps and oversees the work.

Accommodation at the lodge is billed separately with a reduction in costs for long stays. If you would like to help in any small way, do get in touch with us and we welcome any form of assistance.

Wanting to make a difference – volunteering for part of your holiday or safari, not only helps the community, but gives you a valuable insight into the people and culture


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Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre Volunteer Placement Programme is incredibly important to the Centre, the animals it rehabilitates and the local communities that surround it. Your contribution helps immensely to eventually return those unfortunate animal orphans back to the wild.

Volunteering at the centre is both rewarding and varied. Duties include looking after rescued animal orphans, feeding the animals, helping with their various medical tests and checks, building and repairing facilities and enclosures, doing research on specific subjects, helping with educational and fundraising activities and community work. Volunteers also have the opportunity to also visit Kuti Community park for a further wildlife experience.

The Centre has achieved a great deal to date with not only the donations made by the volunteers , but also with the physical work that they have undertaken.

Various volunteer packages are available from 2 weeks to 6 months.



Please check with the team about what is possible.

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