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4x4 Twin Cab

Fully Kitted

Safari Vehicle

Lodge Based self drives come equipped with your own picnic basket - Inside there is a flask, travel mugs, plates, a chopping board, bottle opener, matches, a sponge, a bread knife, cutlery, tea, coffee, powdered milk and sugar, a tea towel, a hand towel, a bag of cookies and a bag of sweets!

All our vehicles come with unlimited mileage

90% insurance coverage with just a 10% excess

100% 3rd party insurance coverage within Malawi 

2 drivers per vehicle over the age of 25

All hires come with a comprehensive vehicle handover, a credit card is required as well as a contactable phone number whilst you're traveling.

Our vehicles and operations are based in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Charges may apply should you on or off-hire your vehicle from another location. 

Due to Zambian restrictions, we are no longer able to start your hire from Zambia.

Our vehicles are however, eligible to cross borders with prior notification and border crossing clearance documents. Additional insurance extensions of $10.00 per day outside of Malawi may apply.


Self-driving across Malawi and Zambia is not only easy, it's exceptionally rewarding.

Malawian roads are simple to navigate across the country, though we may suggest it's a bit like a video game to avoid people, chickens, goats, bicycles, potholes and other traffic - It's certainly entertaining and no drive is a boring one!

Malawi is a lot more populated than Zambia, so your driving is never too remote across the 'Warm Heart of Africa'. You may need to engage 4 wheel drive in the rainy season through the game reserves, or up to Nyika Plateau, but most locations are easy enough to get to, even in a saloon vehicle during the summer months.

Zambia is a little different.

Zambia is split up between four major roads that run up and down the country and across in an almost square shape. The rest you might find, are dirt roads.

Many more remote locations are only accessible at certain times of the year and crossing into parks such as North Luangwa and Liuwa Plains requires a short ride across a river on a pontoon. 

So whether you're going seriously off the beaten track in the heart of Zambia, or you're pottering across the Malawi landscape, our vehicles are equipped to take you where and for however long you wan to go for.

The beauty of hiring a car through us is you're never stranded. Our team of experts and our connections across the region mean we're able to help you while you're out on the road.

We offer a free of charge rescue and replacement service, a 24hr call line and guidance on your journey!

Have a look at some pre-made self-driving packages below that you can book straight on, or use as a template to create your own getaway.

Our Self-Drive quotes are broken up into three main sections.

The first is the cost for the vehicle hire, this is a set rate and not charged per person.

The next, for these lodge-based quotes is the accommodation rate and is charged per person.

The last column are estimated costs that you as the driver may need to pay on your route, additional accommodation, meals, food, park or entrance fees etc. 

These itineraries are valid from the 01st September 2022 - December 31 2023

13 Day Northern Standard

13 Day Southern Standard

13 Day Southern Up-Market

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