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Cape Maclear, Malawi activities kayaking with Land and Lake Safaris
Map of Africa

'The Warm heart of Africa'

Welcome to Malawi

'The Warm Heart of Africa' tag line truly represents what is known to be 'The friendliest country in the world'. This compact, landlocked Africa country is home to over 19 million people and spans just over 118,000sq miles, including one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world, Lake Malawi. 

Geographically, Malawi is one of the most diverse countries in Central Africa. 

Malawi runs along the Great Rift Valley that almost splits the country in half, the western side of Malawi is broken by a variety of smaller mountains, plateaus and dense forests, where the East plummets into the creation of Lake Malawi and rippled with impressive mountains and low lying valleys to the South.

A country heavily dependent on Agriculture, Malawi however is quickly rising in popularity as a tourist destination, and especially for self-drivers.

One of the most incredible things about Malawi is the diversity of activities, scenery and vegetation in very close proximity to each other. It means you can get a wonderful getaway to suit everyone in a very short amount of time and without traveling miles between each location. 

Lake Malawi's expanse, depth and diversity means your ideal beach getaway is covered. From the glittering white sands in the north of the country, to secret islands to fulfil your 'castaway' fantasy and an almost endless variety of activities in the South, including scuba diving, kayaking and boat cruises.

Just a few hours drive around the lake are wildlife destinations quickly rivaling Malawi's neighbors, Zambia and Tanzania. With the incredible works of African Parks in locations such as Liwonde National Park, Majete Wildlife Reserve and Nhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Malawi is quickly rising to one of Central Africa's most favored wildlife destinations. Species such as Wild dog, Cheetah, Lion, Leopard, Black Rhino, Elephant and so many more are thriving and becoming regular sightings for guests.

Between the game reserves and the lake, Malawi is broken by incredible mountain ranges, escarpments and rolling plateaus cut with rivers, waterfalls and dense forests. Mulanje Massif at 3,002m above sea level is Malawi's highest peak. Mulanje's igneous rock facades rise impressively to overlook rolling tea estates. Dotted with picturesque mountain huts, Mulanje is a popular hiking destination along with the more gentle Zomba Mountain but a few miles to the West. 

Historically Malawi is just as diverse. Rock Paintings from the middle-late stone age can be found across the country, coupled with colonial impressions and Malawi's involvement in World War 1 & 2, their fight against the slave trade and eventually their independence. 

Karonga, located in the very north of Malawi is also home to currently, Malawi's first and only dinosaur, though excavation efforts continue in the north and into the lake which is revealing even more of Malawi's history.

Lake Malawi cichlids, Fish, Diving Land and Lake Safaris
Traditional dancing Mua Mission Land and Lake Safaris, Malawi culture and history
Mulanje Mountain Malawi with Land and Lake Safaris

Lake Malawi Cichlids

Traditional Dancing - Mua Mission

Mulanje Mountain

Map of Malawi and National Parks

The 'Good to know'

The Capital City:


International Airports:

Lilongwe - Kamuzu International Airport (KIA)

Blantyre - Chileka International Airport (BLZ)


Malawi Kwacha 

Prior to Arrival:

Online Visa Application - Aprox 2 week approval

Languages Spoken:

English, Chichewa, Tambuka and Yao are the languages spoken more frequently, however Malawi has hundreds of languages spoken among a few, like Lomwe, Sena, Tonga and even Zulu and Afrikaans.


Local transport such as minibuses are not all together recommended, however Malawi has coaches between the major cities, many taxi companies, motorbike, bicycle and tuktuk's available for short distances. The only train in Malawi runs from Limbe, just outside of Blantyre to Liwonde, and Lake Malawi has the Ilala boat that travels on schedule in a circular route North to South of the Lake.

Self-driving is easy & popular and many small roads outside of major cities will require a vehicle with higher ground clearance or 4 wheel drive, especially during the rainy season.


Malawi can be broken up into three major seasons.

The Rainy Season runs from late November to about April/ May

Winter follows until about mid/ late August

Summer then runs into November

Temperatures can range in Winter between 9 and 20 degrees Celsius

Temperatures in the summer can be between 30 - 49 degrees Celsius

Malawi becomes very humid from November into January during the build up of the rains.

Thyolo Tea Estates, Southern Malawi with Land and Lake Safaris
Liwonde National Park Malawi with Land and Lake Safaris
Mumbo Island Lake Malawi with Land and Lake Safaris

Thyolo Tea Estates

Mumbo Island

Liwonde National Park

Tours & Activities

Malawi has a huge range of activities available across the country. 

We have a selection of itineraries pre-made for Malawi that really highlight some of the best that the country has to offer. 

Check out our Malawi Scheduled Tours that take you from Southern Malawi to the Northern Beaches and you can even extend into South Luangwa, Zambia - Or get a tailor-made tour that caters to your needs, budget and interests. Interested in something specific? 

We cater itineraries to large student and research groups, specific birding tours and even charitable cycling and hiking groups. Malawi is a wonderful "All-Round" destination and whether you're an individual traveler, maybe a romantic getaway for two, a family vacay or a large group - Malawi has something for everyone and with Malawi being our home, we know the intricacies, the best lodges on the market, the quality of the roads and what locations will be best to suit you!

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