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Remote & Adventure Travel

Remote travel across Central Africa is a wonderful adventure suited to the whole family. A mixture of adrenaline, wildlife and memories to last a lifetime. Land and Lake Safaris has a number of options to get your hands dirty.

From Scheduled Tours perfect for individuals to join like minded individuals to our new full service accompanied adventures and tried and tested routes for private groups.

Join the Scheduled Wild Zambia!

Wild Zambia is currently our only Remote African Scheduled Tour - Perfect for individuals or couples looking for an adventure at the best cost with like minded travellers. 

This is a participatory camping expedition that highlights some of central Zambia's best kept secrets. 

We journey across Luambe, North Luangwa, Kapishya, Kasanka, Bangweulu Wetlands, Mutinondo Wilderness and South Luangwa. 

We find shy Sitatunga, elusive Shoebill Storks, great herds of buffalo and impressive leopards as well as timing our journey to meet the great Straw-Coloured Fruit Bat migration that swamps the Kasanka sky as the largest mammal migration in the world. 

We bumble down roads that change annually, digging ourselves out of thick sand, contemplating newly formed river crossings and carefully crawling down rocky slopes. 

We wake up under domed canvas in the thick of the African Wilderness and shower under the stars. 

Join us on our next venture into the 'Real Africa'


Going Remote

It is not hard to find yourself in remote areas across Central Africa. Though Malawi isn't the country for remote travel, it is surrounded by some of the best. 

When it comes down to remote traveling, camping is most often the only option in some areas, or limited lodge choices. Mainly they're in National parks, and more often than not, they're only accessible during the dry times of the year. Some locations are only accessible with a pontoon crossing, and all need 4x4 high ground clearance.

Click on the locations to learn more...

How we can help

When it comes to you wanting to head into the unknown, we can help with different aspects of your travel plans. 

Either go it solo and have us on speed dial. - We are a DMC for the region and work with many organizations in assisting them with any emergencies whilst they're traveling. Our connections across the region are extensive and if you find yourself in a pickle, give us a call!

Rent a trusty steed - We have 4x4 camping vehicles that are made for these sort of excursions, with snorkels, bull bars, exceptional suspension, all the camping gear that has everything you might need to camp literally anywhere! 

We can book you campsites and accommodation for your route, you can wing it or we can help you plan your ideal journey!

Go with a team - We take the reins, plan the route with you and drive it with all the gear and even your own chef! Lay back and go remote with a team who pulls out all the stops, because why camp when you can glamp?

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