Landlocked between Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia - The Warm Heart of Africa lies peaceful and welcoming. 

The friendliness, openness and traditional people make this country truly wonderful to visit.

With conservation efforts, Malawi is fast paced to becoming one of Africas best travel destinations for an all-round African holiday experience. 

The proximity of locations, views, activities and lodges make travel across Malawi not only very easy, but exceptionally exciting and varied. 


From the white shores of the northern lakeshore, hidden islands for diving and snorkelling to the lofty peaks, glistening waterfalls and challenging hiking trails of Mulanje Mountain overlooking the sprawling bright green tea estates - Malawi has so much to offer.

From the safety of a boat, watch elephants playing in the fresh water of the mighty Shire River to driving across high altitude rolling grasslands, searching for hyena and leopard, Malawi offers unique experiences throughout.

Tours & Options to Explore Malawi with Land & Lake

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Scheduled Tours of Malawi

22 day Full Safari

15 Day Malawi & Zambia

15 Days in Malawi

The Wildlife Conservation Experience

The Facts:

  • Malawi is approximately half the size of the UK - at 118,480km2 

  • Lake Malawi takes up close to a third of the country

  • There are over 700 species of Cichlid, many endemic to Lake Malawi

  • Population: 18.62 Million (2017)

  • Capital City: Lilongwe

  • Currency: Malawi Kwacha

  • Main Religions: Christianity & Islam 

  • Visa requirements: Non-African passport holders $75.00 single entry, payable at the airport. Check with your tour consultant for what you may require.

  • Best Birding: November - January

  • Best Game Viewing: April - November

  • Hottest months: October - December

  • Coldest Months: June - August

  • Green (Rain) Season: November/December - March/April

  • Malawi is a Malaria area - Please contact your GP for medication and more information. 

  • Some parts of the lake have traces of Bilharzia - But not all! Medication to prevent this is available across Malawian pharmacies - Please enquire about your lake stay if you have any concerns.

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