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The Dzalanyama Project

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Land and Lake Safaris is pleased to announce that they have been granted the opportunity, through GIZ Malawi’s MIERA Programme, to develop Dzalanyama Forest and increase the range of activities within the area!


Dzalanyama Forest Reserve close to Lilongwe, provides both international and domestic tourists an experience different from Malawi’s more famous lake, national parks and mountains: a hilly Brachystegia/miombo forest escape that is great for walking, forest bathing, trekking and mountain biking as well as being a premier woodland birding location. Its distinctive ecosystem attracts both animal and plant species and is a magnet for nature lovers.

This project will see that more facilities, activities and options are added to attract more visitors to the area which in effect will hamper and reduce any illegal activity. The extra income generated will go a long way to further protect the forest and will enable us to continue to support Dzalanyama & Kachere Schools and the Bamboo Project.

So what are we going to be doing exactly?

Firstly we're plotting back country Hiking, mountain biking and 4X4 trails!

Then on selected unique sites, we will build basic overnight shelters with water and composting toilet services - Perfect for Overnight hikers or adventurers!

But that's not it!

We'll be developing a range of interesting shorter and day walking trials, with an informative trails booklet to highlight unique sights, history, flora and fauna of the area. 

Over the course of October we'll be sending updates on how our teams are getting on, which guides are out and how the project expands and grows as well as introducing you to the teams we're working side by side with and of course the routes!!

Programmes like this have reinvigorated the team and the benefits for the community and Malawi's tourism industry is certainly needed at this time.

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