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The Picnic Site Project

Fantastically, Land & Lake Safaris have been granted the opportunity to support communities Nation Wide in our new and exciting 'Picnic Site Project'

(P.S We're still busy with Dzalanyama too!)

This project will go towards supporting marginalised communities, encouraging local tourism and ensuring natural preservation of different areas.

Land and Lake Safaris Team have identified numerous sites across the country and we're working on helping the surrounding community establish an area for travellers to enjoy during their journey across Malawi.

Communities have already started to build benches, tables, toilets and more to welcome guests this December!

Our Team have been busy with identifying sites, working with the communities, deigning and building signage, GPS coordinates and leaflets to support travellers with more information during their elf-drive or guided itineraries across the country that will go towards helping the community in the region.

So when you head out on your adventure, this December or into the future, enjoy your journey more by stopping off and paying a visit to these established sites.

It's just a small per person fee to be paid to the site member that will go back into the community and picnic site for future generations to enjoy!

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