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Trust Your Travel Guru

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Your travel guru holds the key to making your journey that little bit more special, even if it's just a recommendation for the best Gin & Tonic in town. When it comes to Malawi, here's our top 5 do's for planning your Warm Heart getaway...

1) DO do some research on Malawi! - This is what Tour operators are for, we're like your and google all in one.

Have a look at flight costs, medical, the news and the weather to help you add Malawi to your bucket list.

2) DO leave enough time to explore without rushing from one place to another. Take time to soak up those famous

Malawian vibes, read a book,dance and watch the sun go down with a cold drink in your hand overlooking Lake Malawi.

Don't be afraid to try some road-side snacks (No I'm not talking those brave enough to try the rats on a stick) I'm talking about the mandasi, a Malawian doughnut, the samosas, chiwaya chips and sugar cane - Stop off in the market and explore, take detours and feel the Malawian Rhythm.

Our Guide Eric with the famous Malawian delicacy, Rats on a stick!

3)DO give yourselves a list of things you'd like to see and do, which will help your travel Guru recommend the best locations, options and accommodation units to suit you! We won't recommend an island if you want to Trek!

Malawi is an 'All-in-one' Destination - There are mountains to hike, routes to cycle, places to scuba dive and sail, horse riding and wildlife reserves, there are white beaches to relax and read a book, spectacular views and photography opportunities for days. There's incredible African and Colonial History, fantastic culture and fabulous locally made food and drinks! It's family friendly, great for a party but can also be exclusive and very romantic.

So narrow it down a little and pin point exactly what you'd like to get out of your travels!

4) DO be open minded! Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa, the friendliest country in the world! It doesn't mean it's perfect though - But the quirks can make any tour that much more eventful! So be open minded to maybe trying new things because you might just find that a Malawian Cocopina drink is what you've been missing your whole life! - or maybe taking that different route than you originally planned meant you came across a new friend for life.

So don't over plan - let the vibes, experiences, weather lead the way.

5) Not many people like to talk about costs - but our last tip for you - Budget well, but don't be afraid to mix it up a little! Lodges, camps and tour operators provide fabulous green season specials, meaning you could get more and go further for your money at different times of the year.

Don't be afraid to mix it up, but when you do, start with your lower cost accommodation first - Maybe do a few days camping and self catering, then end your trip in a remote and luxury lodge. It will mean you have had your experiences in all aspects - you've kicked it back with residents, cooked up the food you've bought roadside, slept under the stars and then you've been truly treated to a private chalet sipping a cocktail in a full bubble bath watching elephants play in the river beyond.

Need Help? we're only a phone call away!

See you in Malawi soon!

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